Interview with Trisha Louis

What is your personal background?

Well I'm a student from Revlon University, I graduated in Unique High school at the age of 16. I live in a normal life with my family in my hometown Dynamite where I was also raised. I love everything about music which I started playing piano at the age of 3 and I was involved in choir at my church.

What have you been doing at school?

I have been studied a lot of performing arts which is singing and acting, because that is what I love to do!. I also did well in academics and also had high grades. I have done a lot of talent quest with my bestfriend Meester Shay in my school and we love to sing eachother and play music in our own time!.

What do you want to achieved your goal right now?

well I want to peruse my career as an actress and as a singer and I always always dream that when I was in high school and during child hood. Like I want to be those people who are in tv shows and becoming a celebrity!.


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